Kim Spa Massage brings you intensive Massage packages: Foot and Body Massage. When you come to Kim Spa, you will be immersed in a luxurious space, enjoy melodious music, feel the care of the therapist, relax with advanced massage therapy from soft hands,…

Kim Spa space: thought it was home

Everyone feels comfortable by the brown wood tone and simple but delicate furniture. The space is a harmonious blend of classic and modern, environmentally friendly.

A sense of closeness will be evoked in you because Kim Spa wishes to become your home, where you feel comfortable coming back to when you are tired, where you recharge your energy, ready to “battle” with challenges in life.

If you feel too stressed, need to fully relax with Massage therapy, come to Kim Spa House!

Experience with all senses at Kim Spa:

🌹Visibility: You are immersed in a luxurious, environmentally friendly space.

🌹Taste: As soon as you enter Kim Spa, you will be greeted with a warm cup of tea,

🌹Hearing: The melodious music… at Kim Spa during the Massage therapy helps to relax your mind.

🌹Smell: There is nothing better than immersing yourself in a space with the faint scent of essential oils.

🌹Touch: You will feel the dexterity of the therapist’s hands. They are gentle, nurturing and soothing each muscle group. Besides, they are strong enough to press the point.


Massage packages are designed intensively, meeting the needs of each customer.